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Michele - Founder and BabyFoodE Maker

I’m Michele and I (self-admittedly) have an unhealthy obsession for making and eating baby food. When my wee babe was just starting out on purees, I did what most crazy new moms would do, I went to my local organic grocery store, bought my post-natal weight in fresh veggies and fruits and with the help of my mom, we made over 800 ounces of baby food in one day. I did already mention that I was crazy, Right?

We started off with simple purees - apples+cinnamon, sweet potatoes+rosemary, carrots+nutmeg, purees that were so delicious and flavorful the whole family was soon enjoying spoonful after spoonful. After we stuffed ourselves silly calling ourselves quality control or that we were just getting to know the product, we finally let the little peanut have a taste and guess what? She flipped out over it. She ate bite after bite. No airplanes needed. No coaxing. No big thing. She became the first Baby FoodE.

And in no time at all – all 800 ounces were polished off. So began my adventure in making the worlds best baby food, I know – a lofty goal and I know I haven’t reached it yet, but I am hoping you will accompany me on this journey to find out just how much fun and yummy food we can make together. Are your bags packed?

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Baby Story

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photo by Sarah Johnson

photo by Sarah Johnson

Sara - BabyFoodE Nutrition

Sara Peternell is one of the preeminent nutrition practitioners in the Denver area and focuses her practice on family nutrition: fertility, pregnancy, post-partum and feeding babies and children.

Sara earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Drake University and completed the Master of Nutrition Therapy program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute.  As a graduate of this renowned program, she became a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT) and has been offering personalized nutrition services to individuals, children, families, non-profits and corporations since 2005.

Sara knows first-hand the benefits and necessity of excellent nutrition, which she puts to use in managing her Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and Celiac disease.  She experienced three miscarriages before becoming a mother to her two children, both of whom have gluten sensitivity issues. Sara has a unique personal understanding of what nutritional approaches best assist with fertility, pregnancy, the post-partum period and feeding children of all ages. Learn more at www.sarapeternell.com.  

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Lindsey - Mama Nutrition

My name is Lindsey Baudoin and right now I'm a full time stay-at-home mamma to two babies, Emmett, my two-year old, and Campbell, my four-month old. I'm passionate about all things fitness- and health-related but take an extra interest in obesity and obesity-related topics. I try to practice what I preach and live simply. I don't like a lot of stress or drama in my life and I think that's part of the reason why being a stay-at-home mamma suits me so well right now. 
I've lived in quite a few places in my 32 years of life: Germany, Kansas, California, Colorado, Australia and Washington D.C. It was my family's move to CA, however, that piqued my interest in fitness and health. I started swimming at the age of 8 and my dat and I ran the Bay to Breakers race when I was 11. I continued both swimming and running when we moved to one of the fittest states in the US, Colorado. Then when I went away to college my eating habits changed drastically, and my passion for fitness partnered with an interest in food and nutrition. My double concerns of what we do with our bodies and what we put into them led to me earning a bachelor's in exercise science at the University of Kansas. 
After completing my bachelor's, I took a break from academia and spend a year in the Americorps in DC, another year in Vail as a ski bum, and another one as a Research Assistant at an allergy and asthma clinic. I then realized I needed more education to obtain a job that was right for me so I returned to KU to work on a Master's in Health Education. While there, I also worked full-time at an exercise lab, performing exercise tests and running weight loss groups. 
I finished the rest of my masters's courses at the University of Colorado, Denver. I then obtained a job at the University of Denver as a Research Compliance Administrator. This job was not a good fit with my passion for health so I left after having my soon. During his first year of life, I became certified through the American Council of Exercise as a Health Coach. With this certification I have coached several close friends and family members interested in losing weight. 
When Michele asked me to do some guest posts for her blog I was absolutely thrilled! I'm excited for the opportunity to be here and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you all!

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Lynn - Global FoodE

Lynn Eisenhart travels around the world for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, directing grants and investments that aim to reduce poverty in developing countries.  Her favorite part of every trip is spending time with local communities and families where she has the opportunity to see how people in other countries work, live, and eat. 

Having grown up in Texas as the daughter of two Chinese immigrants, Lynn has always been influenced by foods with intense flavor and spice.  This passion is reflected in her son Theo’s food since his very first whiff of solids, and she is constantly looking for more inspiration abroad.

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 All photographs, unless otherwise noted, have been taken by Michele and are copyrighted by BabyFoodE. If you love a recipe or photo, please feel free to repost, we love making new friends, but make sure to clearly link back to my site and give me due credit. It's only nice to play well with others.