18 Stage 2 Baby Purees (That Baby Will Actually Eat)

18 Amazing Stage Two Purees that will rock your baby's taste buds! These colorful homemade combination purees are full of flavor, nutrients and are a fun way for baby to experience the wonderful world of food, one which they will never forget. It's going to be a foodie trip of a lifetime, so pack baby's spoon and away we go!

Moms! You need this this collection of stage two baby food purees! These healthy homemade baby food puree combinations and ideas are full of flavor, nutrients and are a fun way for baby to experience the wonderful world of food! #babyfood #stagetwo #purees

Now that your baby has made their way through some or all of these delicious stage one purees, they can now move on to the more exciting world of combination purees (or stage two purees)!

This is the stage where you really get to have some fun!

Because starting now almost all foods are on the table! They might end up on the floor, but we can at least start them on the table;). With the exception of honey, processed foods and sugar, baby can now eat any whole foods and spices that is out there. Don't let confusing charts like these scare you, as long as the ingredient list of a food is only at 1-ingredient, then it is good for baby to eat. Curry, kale, mangos, raspberries, beef, vanilla beans, asparagus, tandoori and even salmon are for the taking (or eating in this case). 

I mean it when I say, no real foods are off the table for baby. 

So it's time to tempt baby's taste buds and start developing their palettes to love foods that are fresh, colorful and full of good-for-you nutrients. Because in my personal experience, the more real food you feed your baby the more they will grow up loving it as a toddler and kid. 

So let's make baby some delicious food they will never forget!

All purees below are perfectly safe to introduce to baby after stage one purees or roughly between 6-8 months of age depending on your baby. 

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