Apple + Fennel Puree


When your little one is born, there seems to be an never ending list of things you have to be on top of with them - feeding, changing, sleep schedule, entertaining, bathing, loving, playing, tummy time, outside time.

The list could go on and on.

This means that your personal list of things that need to get done each days gets completely forgotten about and you wonder how you ever got anything done before having a kid - exercise, shower, movies, eat, plan meals, plan anything, sleep, talk on the phone to friends, read a book, clean your house, fill your car with gas, clothes shopping, food shopping, sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Then slowly, very slowly, you are able to negotiate your list back into your life. Taking a shower. Having a meal without the little one sleeping on you. Enjoying a phone conversation that lasts longer then 5 minutes. Moments that you took for granted before the baby. 

Then months pass and you are able to mange both you and your little ones daily lists without even thinking about. Yes, you are a Supermom and yes, you should pat yourself on the back. 

But there was something that never made it back onto your list. Was it working out on a regular basis, cooking elaborate meals for company, reading a long book that wasn't about parenting, talking to your girlfriend for hours on end. There is something that just didn't make the cut.

It's sad, but true. 

Let's focus on this one item for a week. Let's bring it back b-i-g time. 

Because that one [or maybe more] things we never brought back is important. It defines who we are as a woman before we were a mother. And I know you miss it. I miss it.

For me it is working out. I sorta brought it back when I could. When I thought that there was room in the schedule for an extra 30 minutes of 'me' time, but I have never made it a priority. And I miss it. For one, I never lost all of my baby weight. And secondly, I get cranky when I don't workout. I can only blame myself for not doing it. I need to be more selfish. I need to make it a priority. So, for the next week I am. I am going to get my exercise on. 

What do you constantly put on the back burner that you miss and wish you wouldn't? What are you going to concentrate on for the next week?


Apple + Fennel Puree

4 Organic Red Delicious Apples
1 Organic Fennel Bulb, stems and greens removed
1/2 cup water

Cut apples off of core, it is optional to peel the skin off. I left mine on for more fiber. Cut off stems, greens and base of fennel bulb. Roughly chop the remainder of the bulb. Place apple, fennel and water into a medium size sauce pan and heat on medium for 10 minutes. Let cool slightly and then pour all ingredients into blender.

Blend for 2 minutes to achieve a very smooth puree.

Makes roughly 35 ounces and will last 4 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.