6 Baby Food Purees to Help Relieve Baby's Constipation

These 6 Baby Food Purees Will Help Relieve Baby's Constipation with no fuss from your little one. You can serve these purees when your baby is backed up or 2-3 times a week to keep things moving on the regular. 

Treating and preventing constipation in babies and infants is something every parent struggles with. These 6 Baby Food Purees are an all natural homemade remedy to help relieve baby's constipation with no fuss from your little one. #baby #constipation

Hands down, the question I get asked the most often by readers is ironically not about making or serving baby food, nope that would be easy. The question I get asked all the time is about what happens, or doesn't happen rather, after the baby eats their delicious homemade purees - constipation. Granted, it's not the most glamorous part of this blogging gig of mine;)

So if your little one hasn't done their business in a couple of days and they are starting to get cranky and you are getting a little (errr... maybe a lot) panicked, take a deep breath. Let it out. Everything is going to be okay. 

Let's get down to the details. Your little has started on their puree journey and hopefully they are getting more in their mouths then on themselves (or you). You are excited that your baby is eating your delicious purees and your baby is happy and healthy. Then they start getting backed up and after a couple of days you start to worry. Then the next day you get panicked and start googling at 2 in the morning about how your baby hasn't gone poo in 7 days and from your search results you are now convinced that they most likely have some rare stomach disease which leads you to stay up all night and worry. Hopefully, I am the only ridiculous parent that does this out there. 

Trust me, your baby is just fine. 

When you first start introducing purees or when you introduce a new food to baby, it is completely normal for your baby to get a little bit backed up. Their delicate digestive track needs a little time to process all the new nutrients, fiber and probiotics that you are giving it. This is all a good thing. Side note - this also happens with toddlers when they start binging on their new favorite food at every meal, so this will not be the last time your baby will get backed up. Does that make you feel better? Nope. Okay, moving on. 

This is completely normal!

Don't go into panic mood. 

The first step to help baby get back to doing their business is to reduce the amount of their normal purees and add in 1-2 servings of a puree from the 6 listed below. 

While I love and completely trust the Constipation Cure Puree recipe below to do its' job, let me warn you that this puree is not for the weak of heart. It will definitely get things going and while you will love me for that, you might also curse me when it's time to change your baby's diaper. 

What all of the 6 purees below have in common, is that they all have produce that starts with the letter 'P' in them - prunes, peaches, peas, plumes and pears. 'P' produce helps gets things moving down there all while tasting delicious so your baby will eat them. If you want, you can also add in a pinch of fresh ginger to any of the recipes below. Ginger is a great for helping aide in digestion, calming an upset stomach and easing discomfort associated with constipation. 

Signs of Constipation in Baby

  • Your baby's stool is hard and dry

  • Your baby cries when going poo

  • Your baby is unwilling to feed and is generally unhappy

  • Your baby's stomach is hard when you gently press down on it

  • Your baby's stool has blood in or on it

Easy Cures for Constipation in Baby -  

  • Stop serving foods that can cause constipation (potatoes, cheese, bananas, rice cereal, pasta) and start serving purees loaded with fiber.

  • Serve purees with produce starting with 'P' - prunes, peaches, pears, peas and plums. These P produce help relieve constipation in baby and aide in baby's digestive track (see recipes below).

  • Start to re-introduce purees that are easy to digest, such as avocado and sweet potato purees.

  • If baby is older then 9 months, you can sprinkle a small pinch of ground flax seed into any puree or finger food.

  • Make sure baby is getting enough water in during the day. Aim for 2-4 ounces in the morning and in the evening. This is addition to the breast milk, formula or milk (for toddlers) you are already giving them.

  • Give your little one a warm bath to help them relax their digestion organs.

  • Start doing baby tummy exercises to get things moving. Place baby on their back and taking both legs in your hands, bend their legs towards their belly button and make a circle with their knees in a clockwise direction. You can also gently press on their tummies about 2 inches away from their belly button starting at the 9'oclock direction and moving to the 3'oclock direction. You will want to gently press down roughly 1 inch into their stomachs. Repeat both exercises around 10 times each.

Pears + Prunes + Cloves (Constipation Cure Puree) - This is the puree I would always turn to when my baby was constipated. It will definitely do the job, so don't go too overboard when serving this, a little goes a long way. Just a warning;)

Fennel + Peach + Pea Puree - This is a great puree filled with fruits and veggies that will help relieve baby's constipation. You can also sub out the fennel for some pears if you need some more help to get things going down there. 

Roasted Pear + Dates + Orange Baby Puree - This puree is probably one of my all time favorite purees, because it just tastes so dang good and any baby will happily gobble it up. You can also sub out the dates for prunes if you are so inclined. 

Plum + Pear + Lavender Baby Puree - You can use frozen plums if they are not in season. You can also use 1/2 teaspoon of fresh ginger instead of the lavender to help aide the digestive tract. 

Pumpkin + Yogurt + Prune Puree - you can use frozen pumpkin if fresh is not in season or if you can't find either fresh or frozen pumpkin you can use organic canned pumpkin puree but it will not have as many nutrients in it. You can also substitute in butternut squash for pumpkin in this recipe as well. 

Pear + Baby Super Greens + Prunes Baby Puree - This puree is loaded with so many nutrients that you should probably just serve this to baby at least once a day anyway. Bonus, that it helps with constipation and digestive problems. 

I am not a medical professional, these recipes have just helped me with both of my girls when they got constipated. If your little one has been constipated for longer then 10 days are has a sever case and nothing seems to be working, then please call your pediatrician right away. 

Treating and preventing constipation in babies and infants is something every parent struggles with. These 6 Baby Food Purees are an all natural homemade remedy to help relieve baby's constipation with no fuss from your little one. #baby #constipation