Healthy Halloween Lunch for Kids (allergy friendly - NF, DF, GF!)

This spooky Halloween Lunch for Kids is a great way to surprise your kiddos with a fun (and yummy) school lunch. This lunch is also allergy friendly and is nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free!

Healthy Halloween Lunch for Kids

Because I am that kind of crazy mom, my kid’s school lunches usually go along with whatever seasonal holiday theme is happing at the time. Right now it’s all about Halloween 👻🎃🕷!

It’s cool, you can totally 🙄 me right now, I like being on the side of crazy.

But seriously, this fun lunch is beyond easy to throw together and usually takes me roughly 4-5 minutes to make.

Plus it was such a big hit with both my 4 and 6 year old that I had to share it.

Reason I love this Halloween Lunch for Kids -

  • It’s easy to make (takes less then 5 minutes!!).

  • It’s halloween themed but in a totally kid-friendly way (nothing too scary).

  • It’s allergy friendly - nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free!

  • It’s healthy and delicious and will be devoured by your kids.

The Bento Box we are Loving Right Now -

We mostly use the Rover Planetbox for school lunches for both my 4 and 6 year old, and we absolutely ❤️ it!

I will say that the Rover a little heavy for my 4 year old but her teachers help her out with getting it out of her backpack for lunch everyday. She can easily unclasp it and open it all by herself.

If you are looking for a bento for your kid, I can’t remember the planetbox enough! Plus, they have all a ton of holiday themed magnetics that go on top of your kids bento box. I would like to be the first one to formally welcome you to the crazy mom club.. trust me, the wine does taste better over here!

Healthy Halloween Lunch for Kids

Bat Turkey Sandwich - I made a simple turkey and dairy-free cheese sandwich on gluten free bread for one of my kids and then on regular whole grain bread for the other one, then I used a bat cookie cutter (from this ginormus bin of cookie cutters) to cut out the bat shape. I then attached some candy eyes to the bat with a little vegan mayo. This process took me all of 2 minutes to do. To get a really crisp shape, I think it helps to press down on the bread with the palm of my hand before using the cookie cutter. You can use this technique with whatever sandwich your kiddo loves in their lunch box.

Carrot Coins - I peeled a whole carrot and then instead of cutting it into strips, I cut the carrot into coins slices.

Pumpkin Oranges - I saw this on Pinterest and had to do it for my kid’s lunches. I peeled a cutie orange, then added an inch piece of green bean into the middle of the orange middle for a stem. You could also use a cucumber, celery or green pepper stick for the stem.

Ghost Chips - I found these ghost chips at chips Trader Joes but I also saw them in Target and Whole Foods this month as well. If you can’t find ghost chips you could use sweet potato chip or cheese crackers if you kid can eat those items.

Dried Mango ‘Pumpkin Fingers’ - Dried mango just looks kinda creepy and my oldest called them ‘shriveled pumpkin fingers’ so I am going with it. I got them in the bulk section of the super market but you can find dried mango in just about any health section of any store.

Dye-Free Gummy Worms - These worms are creepy! We have been trying to avoid all food dyes for the last couple of months and these dye-free gummy worms have been a huge hit with my kids! I got them at whole foods but all health food stores are now carrying many different brands of dye-free candy. My local Target even has a rather big selection of dye-free and ‘healthy’ candy in their halloween aisle - yet another reason to go to Target;)

What type of foods are you packing in your kid’s lunches these days?

Tools I used for this lunch -

Halloween Planetbox Magnetic (here)


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