Mango + Kale Puree with Ginger

This Mango + Kale puree is going to knock your baby's socks off - that is if they haven't already pulled them off themselves!! This puree has it all - super sweet mango, healthy superstar kale and a pinch of tummy yummy ginger that will leave your baby happy and healthy!!!

mango kale baby food puree

We are leaving later this week to go on a little summer vacation down to Georgia to stay with hubby's parents for a week. Summer in Georgia sounds HOT to me!!! But they have a pool, so I was sold!!

The first thing I did to get ready for this trip, was I got my Blendtec Designer 625 Blender out and made this mango + kale puree to bring along with us. 

Yeah, I am that annoying person holding up security because I HAVE to take my homemade baby food pouches on the plane with me, well that and 4 bento boxes worth of snacks... gawww!

Every time I now go on a plane with my kids (let's be real, anytime I leave the house and drive more then 3 miles) I am loaded down with a toooonnnnnnn of healthy snacks, reusable puree pouches and of course some hidden bribing snacks <------- usually these are the packaged and not so healthy but when I see a tantrum coming, those get pulled out at the speed of light. 

So knowing we have a 3 hour plane ride and a 2 hour car ride to my pool-cation, I knew I had to make and bring this puree in for reinforcements. While not being the most photogenic puree out there, it is full of yumminess on the inside. Sweet, creamy and tasting like a treat, this puree is going to be my go-to snack for my little ladies this trip, which I am sure will be dulled out and devoured before we even take off.  

mango kale baby food puree
mango kale baby food puree

Let's get cooking shall we... 

First the mango, kale and pear get a quick steam to loosen up all their goodness. We want to bring out the mango's amazing tropical flavor and to dull down the kale's earthy tones. As good as kale is for the kiddos, I am assuming your little one is similar to mine and doesn't go around gnawing on a piece <------- that would be way to wishful thinking on our part. So we do a quick steam so it loses some of it's intensity while not losing too much of it's nutritional value. 

Add some freshly zested ginger. 

Then off to the blender for a simple blitz.  

You guys, I can't get over how much I love my Blendtec blender! I know I have talked about this so much lately, and I know you are getting sick of it, but the truth is is that I use it and love it every-single-day. My amazing machine never catches a break - I use it all the time!!

To make smoothies.
To make hummus.
To make spreads

But esssppppeccciallllllllllyyyyyyyyy...

To make super duper smooth and creamy margaritas

And of course...

To make the best purees you have ever tasted!!

Just look at how smooth this puree turned out - it is like pureed silk! And when you are planning on using a puree for reusable pouches, you need it to be super smooth. You don't want any chunks getting stuck in the pouch, clogging the nozzle and then getting forced out all over your new white tank top. I know that wouldn't happen to you, just saying it could happen to someone you know;)

So using a good blender for smooth purees is key! And if you couldn't tell, I think ya'll need one of these sitting on your kitchen counter to make your own super duper smooth and creamy purees!! <------- see me working on my southern accent already!

Or like my friend Sarah calls them - 


mango kale baby food puree

Other ways to eat this puree:

  • Mixed with Greek yogurt and a pinch of chia seeds for an amazing breakfast or snack puree!

  • Stir in an ounce or two of salmon puree for a baby superfood meal.

  • Combine with a big spoonful of chicken puree and cooked brown rice along with a good shake of mild curry powder for a Thai inspired baby dinner.

  • Combine equal parts puree and whipped coconut milk for a baby (and mommy) dessert.

mango kale baby food puree

Mango + Kale Puree with Ginger

2 mangos (I used red mangos)
2 pears
1/2 - 1 cup packed kale*
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced 
1/2 water (reserved from steamer), breast milk or formula

1. Peel, pit and chop mango. Core and chop pears. Devein and chop kale. 
2. In a medium saucepan, bring roughly 2 inches of water to a boil over medium heat. Place the mango, pears and kale in a steamer basket over boiling water, cover, and cook for 8 minutes. Reserve steamer water. Let cool slightly. 
3. Place mango, pear, kale, ginger and water into a blender or food processor and puree for 1 minute or until smooth, adding additional water in 1/4 cup increments is needed. 

* I used a cup of kale, but if your little one is just starting out on kale or doesn't like 'green' foods, you can go with 1/2 cup kale and the color of the puree will be only slightly darker yellow. 

Yield: 20 ounces
Storage: In fridge for 4 days or freezer for 4 months

mango kale baby food puree
This Mango and Kale puree is going to knock your baby's socks off. This fast and easy combination puree has it all - super sweet mango, healthy superstar kale and a pinch of tummy yummy ginger that will leave your baby happy and healthy! This puree is so fast and easy - the perfect starter homemade puree and great for a freezer stash too. #baby #babyfood