Mix + Match Puree Recipe Guide - Winter 2014

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Mix and Match 1c.jpg

Mix + Match Puree Recipe Guide - Winter 2014


It's here!! A Baby Food Guide that was made for YOU! Easy to use! Easy to make! Easy to eat! This guide will give you all the tools to make and feed your little one with minimal time in the kitchen. 

  • 7 easy single ingredient fruit and vegetable puree recipes
  • 3 additional recipes for a grain, bean and protein
  • All ingredients are seasonal, easy to find and vary in nutrient content
  • Step by step instructions on how to make all the recipes in under 2 hours
  • Over 50 Mix + Match puree combinations
  • Purees can be served as is for the baby that is just starting out or kicked up with spices, coconut milk or yogurt for the more accomplished eater
  • Fun, easy and ready to cut recipe cards
  • 7 day Meal Plan  
  • Easy to use Shopping List

Take the guess work out of making purees for your babe, let me show you how! 

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